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Welcome to the PARSLEY SINGS PRESLEY web site

        This site consists of the songs of Elvis Presley as sung by
James Parsley. James has been singing for years and was mostly
inspired by Elvis while growing up.
         James doesn't claim to be the second coming of Elvis, he
is his own person who just so happens to enjoy the music and style of the king.
           Click on the Parsley sings Presley Broadcast, above.
It may take several minutes for the songs to start, depending
on your mp3 player. If you don't have a player, you will be prompted to download one (a simple process).                                                                         

Winamp mp3 player is recommended for best performance.
Once the songs start they should play one after the
other. If not, just click play on your player.
          After you've finished listening, drop James an e-mail,
by clicking contact us, or sign the guest book, below, and            let him know what you think.
          If there's an Evis song that you would like James to
add to the broadcast, include the name of the song along
with your comments.
   Thanks for visiting, and enjoy as PARSLEY Sings PRESLEY.

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                     Thank you, Thank you very much.